Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not enough interesting stuff

This past month life has been about the mundane. No experimenting, no trying new things or bettering old things. Ah well. March is upon us and it is time to think about, if not begin, planting seeds in multiples of plenty for this summer's garden. I will be revisiting several well known veggies again this year, staples of almost any garden really. Others are new to me and will require some study. It's all a lot of work, but seeing as I'm STILL cooking with my hot peppers frozen from last early fall, I'd say it's more than worth it, given the price of those things year round.

Here's some of the line up planned for this summer:

SeedSavers.org offerings:

Yellow Finn Potatoes (so tasty you can eat them without butter/salt/pepper)
Green Arrow Peas
Tigers Eye Beans
Copenhagen Market Cabbage
or perhaps Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
Broccoli DeCicco
Dragon Carrot
White Cucumber for pickling (can't remember the specific name at the moment)
Garden Huckleberry (maybe)
Diamond Eggplant
Rainbow Swiss Chard (a must!)
Yellow of Parma Onion
Cipollini Onion (Borettana Yellow)
King of the North sweet peppers
Beaver Dam medium hot peppers
Persian Star (a.k.a. Samarkand) Garlic
Cilantro (from which also comes Coriander seed for seasoning)
English Lavender
Genovese Basil
Giant from Italy Parsley
Cinnamon Basil
Russian Tarragon (good with fish I hear)
Bees Friend Flower

Lateglow Strawberries - planted last year to get patch established

Julia Child Tomatoes

With the exception of the potatoes, peppers, beans, swiss chard and tomatoes the list above is subject to change according to how much time and energy I have to devote to the project. I doubt I'm going to do any melons this year, they just aren't my favorite. I adore sunberries but they're so abominably hard to harvest that it wastes my time and energy. The same with ground cherries, though I suspect I could manage a system to make them easier to get at, but maybe another year. I also have an apple tree that I ordered from a SeedSavers member last year that needs to be transplanted to a final destination this year. It may get fruit within 1-2 more years. So hard to be patient!

If anyone ever wants to get me a present I am in need of some good gardening gloves that will take some getting wet and will stay cool and are not bulky. I am probably a medium for women's glove sizing. ::whistles innocently to herself:::

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