Thursday, September 2, 2010

Duck Season!

Disclaimer: The following pictures will NOT be pretty. Food is supposed to be attractive, but sometimes, it's just not, even if it still tastes good. You've been warned.

It isn't to say that I don't like duck, I like Donald Duck, Darkwing Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, and even Daffy Duck (he's hard to like tho). But I don't think I can like duck dinner. Admittedly, this is an Ugly Duck, but it smelled really, really good. I had my first foray into using a smoker the other day, using some hickory and guidance from my brother, we built up a toasty bed of coals and let it do its thing. I just cannot get into the...how to describe it, deepness of the meat, it is rich to be sure, but heavier than I'm used to, since I'm mainly a chicken gal.  My male family members loved it. As for me, if I had to go on this one experience, I would never eat duck again. It didn't help that all I could think of while preparing it was the cute little Yellow Duck with the garbled voice from the Tom & Jerry cartoons where he thought Tom was his "Momma".  "If my Momma wants a duck dinner, my Momma's gonna Get a duck dinner." Gah!

But as the addage goes, You never know unless you try. And I always say it is good to try new things, or at the very least, as in this case, enlightening if not "good".

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  1. Yeah... duck is not my favorite. I've always found it to have a strong, gamey taste, and it's an oily meat unless prepared just right.

    That said, Peking duck is pretty tasty at really good (and I mean 5 star quality) Chinese restaurants. And there's a specialty restaurant in Seoul that stuffs the duck with rice and herbs, puts it in a clay pot and bakes it buried in the ground for 24 hours. The tenderness and flavor is amazing this way.

    Kudos for giving it a try at home, and at least the boys liked it :)