Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another First - Spanakopita

While I've had spanakopita before, albeit from the grocery store, I've never made the stuff. My brother was dying to make some, and since he isn't all that handy in the kitchen, I was conscripted for the job.  As an aside, the yellow pound cake I'm baking right now smells REALLY good.  And so, here's a few pics of the process, one that I am not likely to repeat.

Put da green goop at the bottom of the phyllo dough sheet strip, (2 sheets melded together with butter)

Then you fold it up flag-style all the way down.

Then ya bake a tray of em for about 45 minutes and this is what you get. Kind of purdy to look at.

All in all though, I don't think I like phyllo that much, or the filling recipe was a poor one. I would've liked more cheese, but then, I feel there can almost NEVER be enough CHEEEEEESE. It wasn't too hard to make and I think since I know how to do it now it would go a lot faster if I ever chose to make it again.

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