Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow puts me in a good mood!

And apparently it does the puppies too! This is their second snow, and quite a lot better than the first. We had a good time romping around with them, especially Peace. I had to carry Harmony in because we felt that her stitches were pulling too much from the hopping, considering the snow was up to her chest. Otherwise, I think they just love this time of year and could be happy forever in it, if only because there is almost no traffic and they get to be off leash for once outside the pen. I'm going to try to add some video from our romp with Peace, but not sure how to do it, so we'll see if it works. Meanwhile, enjoy pictures of me getting ambushed and nearly smothered by very excited bundles of wagging energy.

Herein lies LJW, nearly buried by puppy love/excitement, encapsulated in about 4 layers of clothing and a really big coat.

Peace apparently wanted to play "defend the fort" or something - and was winning! Just too bad I was the fort.

But can you blame him? I'm sure I was much warmer to sit on than all that snow. Incidentally it was quite a feat to get out of that situation.
A snowy tangle of puppy fury. They hardly knew what to do first, they've been cooped up so long after surgery. I think Peace is busy biting the scruff off of Harmony here and/or burying her in the snow.

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