Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I could eat a pound of Pound Cake..

Well..... that's what my eyeballs told me when I pulled these GBD (golden brown and delicious) loaves from the oven tonight. It is the pound cake of my childhood and I am a little bias toward its flavor, but I think it is the best I've ever had. My favorite part is the top "crust" which kind of caramelizes as it cooks and is just sweet and slightly crunchy and alluring with a hint of almond aroma and flavor.

These particular loaves deviate from the recipe only in that I had no cake flour on hand and used All Purpose flour instead. While still worthy of devouring, I find that the AP flour is just a little too coarse for this cake. Otherwise, these are true pound cakes in the sense of the original terminology. I used a pound of eggs, butter, flour and sugar to create these pastry confections. Actually, more than a pound of sugar, but we likes 'em sweet!

We dished it up with some canned pears from September 2006 (yes, they're still good!) And it is delish. A little drizzle of pear syrup on the cake never hurt my feelings either. Here I show whipped cream, but only because the ice cream was eaten days ago. I'm beginning to think this snow storm stuff is going to be bad for our waistlines.

Haven't said too much about the puppies lately, I know. But I can only go on so long about how cute and adorable they still are. Harmony is recovering nicely from her surgery and I would consider Peace well past recovered by now. They are constantly "stealing" each other's toys and taunting each other with them. It's funny for a while, but once Peace gets all put out and possessive the fun stops there and more often than not they end up in a crate time out. I think they love the snow still but the newness has worn off because it's stayed around for about a week now. I must admit, it's kind of worn off on me too, but a new snow fall should cure that right away. :)

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