Thursday, December 17, 2009

The oddities of trying new stuff

I watched that movie, Julie & Julia the other day - mainly because Meryl Streep did such a wonderful job with the character of Mrs. Child. However, I was nudged to try something new because of it, which just proves what an influence Julia Child was and still is as far as people and their food goes.

I tried a poached egg. I tried it twice. Once yesterday, once today. The first one was woefully overcooked and was more like eating hard boiled without the substance of white being firmly in place, as the hockey puck yolk popped out of it since I'm sure I didn't do the technique right.

The second one was painfully undercooked, runny as a nose - which I've never been able to abide by as far as eggs go. I ate it on toast anyway. I didn't want to waste, and if I kept my mind off the deep golden oozing goo leaking slowly from the paunchy white-sheathed orb of the yolk, I did alright. I think I just grossed myself out describing that...

And now I think that does it for trying new things for a while. I should've taken a picture.

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